Britain v02.02.2020

Palindrome Celebrations


Geeks, (not to be confused with Greeks), are celebrating Palindrome Day today, but many have expressed concerns that they may be mistaken for bigots, due to the unfortunate timing of Brexit and President Trump’s acquittal.

Left-wing media outlets did in fact wrongly label crowds of nerds out celebrating Palindrome Eve in parliament Square, as racist Brexiteers, condemning them as ‘thick’.

The Future

As Britain disentangles itself from the EU it is expected to develop closer ties and trade deals with the US.

Culturally Britain has always been closer to the States than to any of its neighbours in Europe, and those cultural similarities appear likely to increase with time.

For example, Britain’s ‘compensation culture’ is expected to flourish now, as businesses and individuals look to secure themselves against any economic fallout post Brexit.

British cinema chain ODEON has confirmed it will be filing a lawsuit against NASA over its most recent image of the Sun’s surface, which it claims is just a picture of its sweet popcorn taken on a smart phone.

Sweet Popcorn Through Glass Counter

The British government is also expected to sue any EU country which follows it out of the union and tries to use any copycat variation of ‘Brexit’.

‘Italeave’ and ‘Departugal’ would be challenged although ‘Grexit’ has been deemed acceptable as it did actually happen first and inspired ‘Brexit’.

The Greeks, (not to be confused with Geeks), have been warned not to get involved.

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