The Future Of Health

Are you concerned about what the future could hold for our health service and what shape the NHS may take over the next decade?  Read on.

Jeremy Corbyn apologised recently for his party’s failings to ensure swift investigations were conducted into party members accused of being Norovirus sympathisers. It does cause you to wonder if the NHS would have been safe in the hands of a Labour government.

These days when the subject of the NHS is brought up we immediately think of waiting times, patients on trollys in corridors, staff suffering with stress, etc, etc.  It’s obvious that with proper funding these issues could be resolved. It’s here that the Labour party had actually set out a viable plan.  

Labour had pledged to plant 2 Billion money trees by 2040.  This would not only have solved NHS funding shortfalls but could also help to avert climate disaster.  Thanks to ignorant Tory voters the future of the NHS and the planet have now been placed in jeopardy. 

Thanks, idiots.

If you are affected by the issues in this post, or have a health complaint of your own please phone your GP.  (Remember to tell the receptionist it’s an emergency if you want to hear back from a doctor). If you can afford it I would definitely recommend a private health plan.

‘What you’ve got is incredibly rare.  A bed’’

NHS Doctor

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