“You Should Write A Blog”

“You should write a blog…”  

“You have incredible insight…”  

“Don’t deprive the world of your talent..”  I chant inwardly each morning as I brush my teeth.  

Recently, with this clamour reaching deafening levels, I finally decided to give in and give everyone what I want.  

There certainly appears to be a gap in the market for my voice.  For a long time, I searched, unsuccessfully, to find a news outlet or magazine that aligned with my point of view or even presented facts with which I agreed.  As a result, I began reading news articles and opinion pieces less and less. In 2003 I stopped reading altogether.  

My appetite for knowledge, however, has not reduced in the slightest, so I feel acutely the need for this blog and look forward to the insights it will provide. 

I envisage this becoming a weekly or annual blog focused on current political, societal and scientific topics such as Brexit, space travel, the Translink Day Pass, white chocolate Twix shortages, poverty, and religion.

I hope that as you read this blog, you will be enriched, emboldened, engaged, encouraged and enraged.

‘A good blog post is short, snappy, fully woke, and well-referenced’ – Paul Montgomery, Blogger, 2019


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